Relaunch of USDA Certified Organic Coffee

With the move to our current location on College Street, we had to re-establish our facility as a USDA Certified Organic roasting operation, and in March 2015 we are happy to announce that we regained our certification. We believe that through Organic Certification, we can do a small part towards protecting our Earth and the farmers who grow our coffee.

You might be confused by this announcement. We still carried the organic coffees during our transition, but due to strict labeling laws we couldn't identify the coffee as organic until our roasting facility was re-certified. So next time you buy any of the following coffees check out the USDA certified organic logo on our labels and know that you are doing a small part to insure the health of the coffee farmers and the land that grows it.  You can also see this list on our Organic coffees page.

Check back soon because we'll be announcing about another aspect of economic sustainability via Fair and Direct Trade!