We have a really great staff. In fact, we are a family here!

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John N. Clark – Roastmaster

John started Vienna Coffee Company in his garage!  Roasting green coffee that he bought over the Internet, his first objective was simply to get better coffee than he could find anywhere locally.  The passion took off after he found a used, antique 7 kilo (per batch) roaster on eBay, rebuilt it in the garage and hooked up with an importer of some of the finest specialty grade coffees anywhere.  The hobby turned into a business shortly thereafter when his brother Mike and he bought the Vienna Coffee House in Cooper City Florida.

John is a Chemical Engineer who turned his lifetime of attention to the chemistry of combustion to a keen understanding of what goes on when green coffee is roasted.  John said, “Although coffee roasting is more ‘Art’ than science, my combustion chemistry and air handling experience put me on perhaps a faster learning curve than others.  Still, in the early days, I learned a lot by “trial and a lot of errors”!  Since I wouldn’t distribute anything but the best, my Azalea bushes are mulched with a lot of very fine mistakes.  They are very happy!”

John starts his day every day (while still in his pajamas) with a traditional 7 oz. 2 ristretto shot cappuccino of organic Thunderhead Espresso and 2% organic milk.

Missy Leinhart

Melissa Leinart - Roaster

Missy joined Vienna Coffee Company in 2002 as a packaging assistant.  After working alongside John for a couple years, she expressed an interest in the roasting side of the business.  She began an informal apprenticeship in 2004 and took over the bulk of the roasting tasks in 2005 on a new 15 kilo roaster.  Melissa is married with two sons and a yard full of dogs, cats, nieces and nephews.  “One of the things I love about working here is telling my kids ‘they serve my coffee’, or ‘that place sells our coffee’ when we are out running around”.

Melissa starts her day with a cup of Front Porch Breakfast Blend, brewed at home in a Mr. Coffee, 12 cup brewer.  Once at work, she’s likely to “taste” several other coffees

Bonnie Proctor

Bonnie Proctor - Customer Service

Bonnie joined the Vienna Coffee Company team in 2016. She was born and raised in Maryville, Tennessee. Being a truck drivers daughter, she has loved the smell of coffee her whole life. Bonnie is a proud single mom of 3 kids. She has done and accomplished many things in life, but in her eyes, raising her kids is the most rewarding part. The Organic Guatemala Santa Isabel is one her favorite coffee’s to drink, but she also loves the Colombian Supremo. During her free time she enjoys heading out to the Great Smoky Mountains to find a trail to hike with her family or a new swimming hole to cool off in on a hot summer day.


Marc Atchley.JPG

Marc Atchley - Sales Manager

Marc is a Knoxville native who considers it a great privilege to have been born and raised in the shadows of the Great Smoky Mountains. He has lived away and abroad including ten years in South Carolina and two years in Kenya (East Africa). Upon returning to the States, Marc and his family made Maryville their home and they love it. They also feel called to return overseas to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those who have not heard it. To this end, Vienna Coffee House is providing an opportunity for Marc to learn the coffee business so that he and his family can start their own coffee shop abroad…a place where they can build relationships and invest in the lives of others.

Marc drinks simple black coffee. Being able to sample all the Single Origin coffees that Vienna roasts and brews is awesome!


Philip Hatter - Director of Coffee and Training

Philip comes to us from Roanoke, Virginia. He stumbled into coffee from a career in the arts and it’s because of that background that he has a passion for the process and all of the details that make up coffee’s journey from seed to cup. “I sincerely believe that coffee is so much more than a hot, caffeinated beverage. It is the life’s work and passion of a chain of individuals that spreads around the world. Hard working, educated, and determined individuals that have put their blood and sweat into cultivating, sourcing, and roasting. I’m so honored to be a link in that chain.”

Philip has spent time as a barista, barista trainer, led public coffee cuppings and classes, and competed in the 2017 Brewer's Cup competition, placing in the top 10.

He mostly enjoys a manually brewed cup of coffee—usually from Ethiopia.

Mary Whitehead - Packaging Associate

Mary Whitehead joined the Vienna Coffee Company team in 2014.  Raised on a dairy farm in Boone County, Kentucky, she understood early that coffee was a good way to stay warm.  Mary has three children and two grandchildren.  The Front Porch Breakfast Blend and Smoky Mountain Sunset are her top choices, and are especially good “around a camp fire,” since she and her husband like to hike, fish, and go camping. 

William Welch - Delivery Associate

William Welch is a Maryville native.  He served as a Hull Technician Petty Officer 3rd Class in the US Navy.  After his service, he attended ITT Technical Institute studied computer networking systems.  William enjoys our Rich Mountain as his favorite coffee.  A single father of one, when he is not working for Vienna, William enjoys building furniture in is wood shop.


Les Stoneham - Coffee Buyer/Sourcer

Creater of Deeper Roots, Les Stoneham has been working with coffee since 2003. Besides thousands of hours spent as a barista behind an espresso machine, Les has built and taught barista training courses for those with all levels of experience. He has competed in regional and national barista competitions as well as having trained other competitors for competition. When not barista training Les is involved with all parts of the coffee production chain; working with quality improvement and economic development at origin, roasting coffee and servicing espresso machines.

He joined Vienna Coffee Company as their coffee sourcer/buyer of their La Armonia Hermosa coffee. Through his organization, Deeper Roots, he continues to seek out more opportunities to aid in making coffee farmers way of life more sustainable and bring their wonderful coffee to people like you.



Jamie Stoneham - Design and Marketing Associate

Jamie was there in the beginning of Vienna Coffee Company as the designer of the original logo and a huge supporter of her father's passions becoming his profession. As the company has grown she has filled many different roles. She is a committed advocate of the social justice, fair and direct trade, and USDA organic sector of VCC.

She has had the opportunity to work within all parts of the coffee industry from farm to process to roaster to barista to consumer.

Since 2008, she had the great experience of working in Guatemala alongside some of the coffee farmers that grow one of VCC's coffee offerings. Her passions tend toward working with the farmers and producers, and she hopes to engage more in the sourcing of excellent green coffees!

She prefers a great cup of our direct trade coffee, La Armonia Hermosa coffee.