SCAA Annual Exposisiton 2009

SCAA's Annual Exposition 2009 and the World Barista Championships are complete. The entire Vienna Coffee Company staff closed up shop and headed down to Atlanta Georgia on friday to enjoy a full weekend of coffee. A great time was had by all! At the World Barista Championship, the UK National Champion, Gwilym Davies took home the World WBC Champion's trophy. His performance was awesome and very creative! Representing the US, Michael Phillips took home the third place trophy. Michael is a friend of Les Stoneham and Jamie. He runs the Intelligensia Coffee Shop, only 7 blocks from Jamie's home and office in Chicago.

John Attended 4 days of the event and learned a bunch. John said, "The most interesting was the Roaster's Guild Certification course about processing methods for green coffee in the producing countries. The ChE (chemical engineer) in me loves to learn about the machines and chemistry involved."

This week's deal pertains to see if you were reading the blog last week. Answer this question correctly and recieve a 2oz bag of coffee.

How many years has the SCAA annual Exposition be going on??