Easter Coffee Drink

Looking for a special Coffee Drink for this upcoming Holy Week/Passover that will make your guest's or family's mouth water? This recipe is delicious and easy to make!


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The recipe comes from the Netherlands and we often drink it during the spring time and Easter.

Servings: 4
Difficulty: Easy

Things You'll Need


Step One

Properly brew the coffee (we suggest Vienna Coffee's French Roast or Fair Trade/Organic Sumatra Gayoland). You can make it quite strong, because of the whipped cream you add to it.

Step Two

Whip the cream until it's quite firm. Make sure you don't turn it into butter.

Step Three

Divide the eggnog between the 4 glasses.

Step Four

Pour the coffee gently into the glasses, so that it doesn't mix with the eggnog. Don't put too much coffee into the glasses, because you also have to add the whipped cream and you don't want the glass to flow over.

Step Five

Divide the whipped cream between the 4 glasses and sprinkle it with the cacao or nutmeg.

And Enjoy!