VCC Launches New Bags!

This month, we are excited to begin rolling out brand new packaging to our customers. The new design, over a year in the works, highlights our location in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains as well as embracing a larger “adventure” theme. Think of the origins: Ethiopia, Kenya, Guatemala, Costa Rica…every time you sip your morning coffee, the world is right at your fingertips.

It’s why we have made a new slogan: “Great Coffee is an Adventure.” We’re excited to take you along.

Philip Hatter, Director of Coffee and Training at Vienna, explained the inspiration behind the art direction:

“Everyone seems to be going with ultra-minimalistic designs these days. I wanted to go the other way and embrace that nostalgic, WPA feeling. Our bags not only connect to the international adventure that is coffee; they also connect us to our local adventures right here in the Smokies.”

As part of the redesign, we commissioned Virginia artist (and Philip’s brother) Sean Hatter to create six unique paintings representing the company’s flagship blends, each in the style of mid-century American travel posters. These paintings became the bag labels for each of the blends.

Here is what Sean had to say about the production of the artwork for these beautiful designs:

“Overall, the goal was to create visually dynamic compositions that are reminiscent of the vintage WPA style travel posters while staying true to the theme of each particular blend. The images were created using oil washes on Arches Oil Paper, then scanned for digital manipulation. I work predominantly in oil, and usually in a more naturalistic style, so it was fun to switch gears and reduce the designs down to their abstract elements, then build into each the necessary details to illustrate the various themes. “

Last year, we worked to restructure our mission, vision, and values and reprioritized our approach to hospitality, sustainability, and community. The redesigned packaging is a step in implementing these values. “By featuring 60% compostable Biotrē™ bags, a renewed embrace of our proximity to Great Smoky Mountains, and our desire to take our customers with us on our coffee adventures, we are pushing further into what our company has built over the last two decades,” owner John Clark explains.

We unveiled the new design at a launch party at our Regas Location on Friday evening, April 5th and now we are excited to help you drink your adventure.

You can click below to scroll through our various designs. We hope you love the new designs, and that you’ll reach out and let us know which is your favorite!