Introducing Two New Christmas Coffees!

This Christmas season, we are excited to introduce two new Christmas coffees for you to enjoy during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. We know you need coffee to fuel all those shopping trips and family visits—so we figured you might enjoy being able to drink something special from your favorite roaster!

First up, we have our Hearth and Home: A Christmas Blend. This rich, sweet blend of Rwanda and Organic Peru is perfect for those late night conversations around the fire, catching up with family or friends. It’ll be on drip in our cafes in December, and we’ll have some wonderfully packaged 12 oz. bags available to purchase. (In our opinion, the classy silver bags it comes in make for great gifts!)

Second, we’re rolling out a new flavor to our extensive lineup of flavored coffees: Christmas Brulee. This is a crème brulee flavored coffee for when you want to brew up something a little on the sweeter side. Like Hearth and Home, we will have plenty of 12 oz. bags on hand for you to stock up as gifts or for entertaining guests throughout the holiday season.

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