Vienna Coffee Company is Moving!

For several years, owner John Clark, has been searching for the perfect location to merge his two ventures, Vienna Coffee Company and Vienna Coffee House. He has enjoyed great success at both locations in Maryville, but recognized the need for the efficiency that combining the roastery and coffee house could bring. Being clear that the cozyness of the present coffeehouse was a big part of it’s charm, he knew not to mess with that good thing. That is, unless it could be a better thing! Finally his search has ended.

Planning to open in June 2013, John is beginning to renovate and build out the former Maryville Furniture Company Building whose latest use was the former Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. The address is 212 College St., which is downtown near the corner of College Street and Church Avenue, just behind Dandy Lions Boutique.

Now that he has the perfect location, here comes the fun part...the build out. This is the time to dream, to inspire, and to create a place that won't just have amazing coffee but be the premier Maryville "Third Place." A place where the community can come together and feel welcome, in a cozy atmosphere, and be deliciously satisfied.

So what is the game plan for this three floor, 18,000 square foot building you might ask?

The Coffee House:
Although the current location has been a great space for us for the past two years with a cozy home feeling, we are going to move it into the 6000 square foot café, conference room and acoustic music venue on the main (street level) floor. This larger open space will have seating for around 100 people (double the present 50). We hope to maintain the same cozy feeling of the present coffee house, but with enough nooks and crannies and seats and parking to allow everyone to find their favorite space. Some will like the sofas in front of the fireplace, while others might prefer the counter in the window and others might enjoy spreading out with their schoolwork on our multiple table tops and booths.

The Outside Patio Space:

Take a moment to imagine with us. Think about taking a peaceful cruise on your bike or walking with your family along the greenway on a perfect Tennessee spring day. Now imagine walking up to the conveniently located Vienna Coffee House right alongside Pistol Creek. Delight in a cappuccino at a café table with soft jazz and brightly colored umbrellas on the patio overlooking the serene greenbelt.. Or think about stopping in for a game of corn-hole or a picnic on one of the nearby Greenway park tables. With this in mind, we will be building out a patio on the lower level overlooking the green belt walk/bike path.

The Drive-thru:
Another exciting new feature is a drive thru window. Do you ever have those days where your kids are in the car with you, and you are in a rush trying to get one to soccer practice and the other to ballet practice? You know if you don't get your daily dose of that sweet cup of Joe, you might just scream. We have the cure for what ails you. Think how nice a drive-thru will be to not have to get the kids out of their seats just to get your Muddy Pond Mocha. Sweet bliss!

The Conference Rooms:

We will have a 500 sq ft conference room with a wide screen TV, which will be available for small groups and business meetings, generally for little more than the cost of their coffee and scones. Great Coffee, delicious baked goods, friendly staff, centrally located, free WI-FI and quiet. What could be better?

The Roasting Facility:

The roasting facility is on the 6000 sq ft. ground floor. This is double the space in our present production space. We are poised for growth and to finally take advantage as some opportunities we’ve had to pass up due to space constraints.

Future Space:
The Plan for our third floor is not developed yet. This space is 6000 square feet with the potential for a wine bar, dance floor, studio, meeting, retail or office space. The sky’s the limit! We’ll be looking for the right tenants after our June 2013 move-in date. Let us know what you would like to see upstairs?

Vienna Coffee, where Great Coffee is Our Passion!
With all of these renovations, please don't worry that we are changing too much. We will still have the same, freshest, strictly specialty grade coffee beans. The best money can buy, and best of all; freshly roasted right downstairs!

Our goal is to continue to focus on a great coffee experience, and have a slightly expanded food menu. In fact, we are considering for one of the first additions a Sunday Crepe Brunch with a wide assortment of sweet and savory crepes. How does that sound?

Join us won’t you? We look forward to being your favorite coffee shop.