Coffee as Wedding Favors

Guess who just got married and had delicious Vienna Coffee Company coffee as give-a-ways for their guests? I did! Jamie Clark now Jamie Stoneham.

On September 17th, I got married to Les Stoneham at Gorman Heritage Farm complete with a full service espresso bar, home-brewed beer, and most of the food from the farm (where I work full time). It was such a beautiful day, and it was so great seeing all my friends and family gather around us and share with us this special day.

My mom, Sue Clark, made these great table runners out of the burlap sacs from Vienna Coffee Company. They were such a great touch especially since coffee is so important to both my family and Les. So many people helped out with making the wedding just so special!!

Did you know that Vienna Coffee Company does wedding favors? Well they do and it was a huge success!  Call the roastery if you are interested. 513.560.3986