Espresso and Latte Art Class

On June 26, 2010, Vienna Coffee Company hosted an Espresso and Latte Art class at their roastery. With people from all around east Tennessee area attending, instructor Les Stoneham started the class talking about coffee from farm to cup. With beautiful pictures from his travels to the coffee growing regions, he helpped the students understand how much work and love goes into each and every bean. He also explained how important it is as a barista to create the perfect shot to allow all that hard to show through.

To further explain this point, the second half of the class was hands on where each student could create latte for themselves. He made sure that each student knew what to do and why it's important to do each step.

This is a picture of one of the lattes he poured as demonstration. To close out the class, student were invited to partake in yummy sipping chocolate and a plethera for munchies.

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