"First of Ramadan" headache

Interesting fact of the day...We are in the midst of the Islamic holiday Ramadan. According to Ricardo Levins Morales, a study published in Heachache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain in 1999, recommends cutting back on caffeine and then having a strong cup just before starting the fast in order to prevent a "first-of-Ramadan" headache. So don't forget to wish your Muslim friends a happy Ramadan this month! Here is an interesting article from http://specialty-hospital.com/jordan/ramadan-coffee/

Enjoying your coffee During Ramadan

August 26, 2009 at 10:02 am , by tamara


Drinking coffee in the morning for that “pick me up feeling” is an all too familiar and enjoyable habit for many of us. But come Ramadan and the thought of stopping this stimulating ritual will definitely seem difficult.

We’ll tell you how you can still enjoy drinking your coffee during the month of Ramadan!

At Iftar:

  • Avoid breaking your fast on a cup of coffee, since caffeine would lead to the release of gastric juices on an empty stomach and in turn hurt your gastric mucosa. The ideal food to break your fast with is 2-3 dates, because they will provide you with the sugar your body requires, especially your brain.
  • You can have your cup of coffee two hours after you complete your Iftar meal. This way you would have allowed plenty of time for your body to adjust its blood glucose level with a balanced Iftar. A cup of coffee would come in handy also because it might also keep you alert in case you feel sleepy after your Iftar meal.

Late night:

  • If you enjoy the taste of coffee late at night, try a decaffeinated cup before you sleep (which would still have the beneficial antioxidants). You can also opt for herbal teas such as thyme or chamomile which are healthy and soothing.


  • If you wakeup for Suhour just before the Athan, you can enjoy a cup of coffee along with your balanced meal. This will help you stay alert throughout your long day of fasting.