WEEKLY DEAL: Barista Jam

Brown Cup Coffee Co.


2009 Barista Jam

On Sunday at 5pm head on over to Brown Cup Coffee Co. in Lenior City for their first ever Barista jam. Come to watch or participate as baristas compete against each other to create the best latte art. Then, after all the excitement stay after for a great time of fellowship. If you would like more information please email info@browncupcoffee.com.

Aren't sure what latte art is? Click here to see a sampling of different kinds of latte art. This art form is created by pulling a great shot of espresso, frothing the milk into a delicious thick micro foam, and pouring that milk into the the shot of espresso in a certain way that allows for a sweet design to form on the top of the cappucino or latte. There will be a short demonstration of this process prior to the event.

In fact, you can get FREE coffee from Vienna Coffee Company by going to this event. Bring a receipt or something from the Barista Jam into the roastery next week and receive a free 2oz bag of coffee. Also, if you want to practice your latte art skills before the competition, provide your own milk, and we can provide our Nuova Simonelli Appia Compact to practice on. We also provide classes on latte art too!