Coffee Vocab: Flavor

When tasting coffee you are often asked to describe the "flavor" of the coffee. What exactly does flavor mean?

Flavor is the combined effect of acidity, body, and aroma plus an evaluation of the four basic tastes: sweet, sour, bitter and salt. It is often described using these terms:
  • Richness: this term describes an interesting, satisfying fullness
  • Complexity: a flavor that seems to possess any distinctive quality simultaneously (i.e. full body, wine-like acidity, and a bright finish)
  • Balance: this term describes a coffee that does not obviously lean to one quality of another.

For example: Peaberry Blend is a blend of beans from Tanzania Peaberry and Costa Rica that creates a very balanced and aromatic cup of coffee.

Come by the roastery to sample some of our coffees and see describe for yourself the different flavors of our specialty coffee.