INTRODUCING: Don Telmo Reserva 100% Bourbon

If you have been by the roastery recently you might have noticed our 100% Organic Don Telmo display. In the past couple of months we have just updated Don Telmo's look...

As the story goes, it was God's will that more than a century ago Father Francisco Romero would discover the Mesa de los Santos, (Table of the Saints) a blessed land in the coffee region of Bucaramanga, port of coffee entry to Colombia. Through a holy vision the priest ordered men and women to pay for their sins by planting coffee, and that land began to produce coffee so special that the priest said that it was worthy of being served only at the Table of Saints.

Father Romero is no longer with us, but his coffee of divine flavor remains among us through the direction of Don Telmo. This coffee is cultivated using the same techniques for more than 100 years. These methods protect the environment, because the coffee stays under shade, respecting the habitat of the fauna and applying solely natural fertilizers and pure spring water. The coffee takes place in high altitudes and is manually selected to guarantee the highest quality coffee.

p.s. Bourbon does not pertain to whiskey. It is the type of coffee cultivar. Click here to get more info on the special Bourbon cultivar.