Thank you to Maryville City Fire Department

Yesterday, we had a little excitement at the roastery. A small fire sprang up in our roaster. But please don't worry, nothing terrible happened. We didn't even miss a day of roasting, and nothing burned besides a little chaff accumulation on the roof. The fire department was right on it. Our wonderful Maryville City Fire Department and Police answered our call within less than 5 minutes. Now that's fast! We offered all of them some of our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and our monthly special Pecan Pie coffee.  One of the officers asked, "What time is the fire tomorrow?"  And the chief exclaimed, "Out of my 35 years of service, this is the best smelling fire I've ever been to." So at least we had that going for us!  We would like to take the opportunity to thank our Fire Department and Police for all of their help.... THANKS!