What about Sustainability?

A lot of folks, especially in East Tennessee, ask me "what is all this 'stuff' about sustainable Coffee?" Quite simply, I view it as an essential "movement" that must flourish if we are to maintain or "sustain" the high quality coffees that we have grown to know and love!Of course the bigger picture is about our culture and lifestyle; our world and our place in it. It's about whether we choose to be good stewards of God's gifts. That is a subject near to my heart, but pages and pages of blog can be written about that. For now, I'll stick to a more narrow question about "Sustainable Coffee"Sustainable Coffee is coffee that has been grown, processed, traded and handled in a manner that looks to the "long view" of being in the world. It's coffee that reflects a commitment to be fair to all the folks along the way who work to produce the cup. It's coffee that's been grown in a way that is protective of our environment (locally and globally) and the health and welfare of the farmers. It's coffee that is processed with quality and conservation of resources as central tenets of the person or co-op who does the processing. It generally (but not always) includes some "third party" assessment or certification that efforts really have been made to be responsible. It includes certifications like "Organic", "Fair Trade Certified", shade grown, Bird Friendly, Rainforest Alliance Certified. It supports and gains support from organizations like "Coffee Kids" and Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN).At Vienna Coffee Company, we feel strongly about sustainability and are working to make it a larger and larger part of our business. Check back from time to time to learn more. There are also links from our website to several organizations where you can learn more!Ciao,John