Great Lakes Barista Competition

Our friends Courtney Robinson and Logan Demmy are competing again at this year's Great Lakes Barista Competition in Milwaukee this weekend! They both had stellar performances last year in Chicago, and we are looking forward to hearing about their performance this year. Our coffee sourcer and barista trainer, Les Stoneham has been helping prep Courtney and Logan while giving them suggestions on how to better their signature drink. The signature drink is one of the most exciting aspects of competition. I can't give away what Courtney and Logan's drinks are this year until after they compete, but they are sure to get high marks in creativity!

The Great Lakes Region always has a strong turnout. In fact the national barista champion was from this region last year.

You might be asking what is a Barista Competition. Let me tell you...
It's a competition where baristas from all over the region come and compete for the most creative signature drink, best espresso, and best barista skills. Each competitor has 15 minutes to make 12 drinks: 4 cappucinos, 4 espressos, and 4 signature drinks. That's not all though. In that really short time, they are also expected to tell the story of the coffee they are using and why they are making the drinks the way they are. They customize everything about their routine from the kind of milk, espresso, and grinder, to the music, table cloth, and cups. There are technical judges and sensory judges that judge their every move. If any competitor goes over the alloted time then they are deducted point for each minute they are over. This is one intense competition with big names representing all different kinds of roasters and coffee shops.

Here's to wishing them good luck in this year's competition!!!

Latte Art Class

Time is running out for your holiday shopping. So, we just wanted to remind you of a great gift for any barista or wanna-be barista...

Date: December 29, 2009
Time: 6pm - 8pm

Where: Vienna Coffee Company Roastery
(106 Everett Ave. Maryville, TN 37804)

Come in for a night of espresso and latte art magic as Les Stoneham, Great Lakes Barista Championship Finalist and trainer, teaches and demonstrates how to pour the perfect shot and create those stunning latte art designs that have won him barista competitions.

This class is a perfect gift for any espresso lover. The class is designed for beginner baristas and those who are interesting in touching up on their latte art skills.

Delicious snacks and latte drinks will be provided.

*when purchasing this product, a gift certificate will be sent to you or you can pick it up at the roastery.

Price: $18.00

Click here to buy a certificate online.

Weekly Deal: Cupping Coffee of the World

Today we started our coffee classes and cuppings up again. This week we focused on Organic vs Non-organic from around the world. To accomplish this, we cupped our Sumatran, Guatemalan, and Ethiopian. It was an interesting class, and we would love for anyone to join us for our next class.

Our next class, on Tuesday, August 25 we will be hosting "What is Espresso - tasting and training." Space is limited so reserve your spot today.

Just for signing up for this class this week you will recieve a free 2oz. bag of coffee of your choice!

The image is a picture of coffee fields in Sumatra taken by Les Stoneham on his most recent visit to Sumatra.

INTRODUCING: VCC's Seasonal Drink Competition

We want your creative ideas! Starting this summer we are starting a Seasonal Drink Competition. So get your creative hats on and send us your favorite coffee or tea recipe that exudes summer. The more creative and tasty, the better. For example, have you ever heard of blue cheese in an espresso drink? Check out Les Stoneham's espresso drink he used for this year's Barista competition.

The deadline for the competition is August 20th. So send your entries in soon to Jamie or turn in your recipe in at the roastery.

The winner will get 2 12oz bags of Vienna Coffee of your choice!