Sampling at EarthFare - Turkey Creek

Come out this Saturday to EarthFare in Turkey Creek for a free sampling of Vienna Coffee Company's exquisite offerings! This week we will be sampling our delicious Fair Trade, USDA Organic certified, Guatemalan coffee.

This coffee is clean and crisp. A well-balance "classic" full-bodied coffee from the western Huehuetenango growing region. This full city-roast has variable sized beans yielding a broad roast profile. But you won't be able to understand the intricacies of this coffee unless you come out to taste it.

The store is located at:
10903 Parkside Drive
Knoxville, Tennessee 37934

Store Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 9am - 10pm Sunday: 9am - 9pm

Make sure to say "Hey" to our wonderful staff, Micah and Chuck!

INTRODUCING: Java on the Square

We are pleased to announce...
Java on the Square in Athens, Tennessee. Their coffee shop is a beautiful space with very friendly staff and exceptional coffee (if we do say so ourselves). In a recent letter the owners of Java on the Square, Rick and Lea Anne, wrote...

"Rick and I have been looking for a business for some time and the opportunity to procure a local coffee shop became available. We bought the shop and after 3 months of renovating, we finally decided that it was time to open, ready or not and the first sale was February 14 - Valentines day! We settled on Vienna Roasters in Maryville, TN due to their attention to detail and willingness to help us in many facets of the business. Vienna's owner, John Clark, made a special trip to our shop and gave a coffee and espresso training session with our 6 employees before we opened. We decided on a soft opening and just turned on the open sign and opened the doors without announcing it or advertising the opening. Three weeks later we had our grand opening.

Business has been steady. We have received lots of positive feedback from the community. Everyone loves the coffee and espresso and says the flavor is great! Currently we are booking different venues of entertainment. (Jazz, Poetry, Blues Band, Sushi night, kids reading time)

Being a small business owner / manager with shared responsibilities with your spouse has been challenging and time consuming, but we have enjoyed all of it so far. There is no way we could have done it without attending Coffee School (Bellissimo (ABC training)) and Vienna's help with bean selection and employee training. From design stage to the first sale it was a wild ride and we look forward to the years ahead.

Thanks so much,

Rick & Lea Ann"

We would love for you to check out their new place, and tell them Vienna Coffee sent you.
In fact, we want to support our customer's so the deal of the week this week is...

If you go to Java on the Square and bring back a receipt from purchasing something from Java on the Square you will receive a complimentary tea bag or 2oz bag of Vienna Coffee when you come into VCC's roastery.

How did we get started?

Vienna Coffee Company was created out of self-defense. A native of Eastern Tennessee, I lived in California long enough to get a taste for some of the world's finest coffees. On moving back to Tennessee, I couldn't find any easily-accessible sources locally, so I decided to learn about crafting my own. Because I have an engineering background, the processes, timing and so on, made sense to me.

And Vienna Coffee Company was born!