Coffee Vocab: SALT

When describing coffee, salty is typically not a good descriptor word. Salt is one of the four basic taste sensations registered on the sides of the tongue. Pronounced salinity can indicate bad water used in brewing. For the best brew quality use filtered water. Click here to read how to brew the most ideal cup of coffee. We also have brochures about brewing the best cup of coffee at the roastery, please don't hesitate to ask for one! The most important rule of thumb is to start with good coffee... Vienna Coffee can provide just that very thing! Check out our website.

Coffee Vocab: Flavor

When tasting coffee you are often asked to describe the "flavor" of the coffee. What exactly does flavor mean?

Flavor is the combined effect of acidity, body, and aroma plus an evaluation of the four basic tastes: sweet, sour, bitter and salt. It is often described using these terms:
  • Richness: this term describes an interesting, satisfying fullness
  • Complexity: a flavor that seems to possess any distinctive quality simultaneously (i.e. full body, wine-like acidity, and a bright finish)
  • Balance: this term describes a coffee that does not obviously lean to one quality of another.

For example: Peaberry Blend is a blend of beans from Tanzania Peaberry and Costa Rica that creates a very balanced and aromatic cup of coffee.

Come by the roastery to sample some of our coffees and see describe for yourself the different flavors of our specialty coffee.

Coffee Vocab: FINISH

In coffee terms, the finish describes the aftertaste on the palate after the coffee is swallowed. Full-bodied coffee tends to have lingering finishes, while thinner coffees may be fleeting. For example, our Organic, Komodo Blend (Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated coffee from the South Pacific) has a mildly sweet start and a slightly floral finish. To better understand what finish is describing, come to the roastery for a cupping. There you will be able to sample a few of VCC's coffee and learn for yourself how to better understand and describe what about a certain coffee you like and dislike. That way, we can help you find the best blend or single origin coffee for your tastes.

Coffee Vocab: AROMA

While tasting coffee one of the descriptor words is Aroma. But what exactly is aroma??

The bouquet of coffee plays a large part in perception of flavor; the olfactory nerve registers "dry aroma" through the nose and "wet aroma" through the back of the mouth as you taste.

For example if you were to drink Vienna Coffee Company's Ethiopian Longberry Harrar Horse you might be surprised by the aroma. It smells like you've just cut open a blueberry muffin with fruity, wine-like notes. Also, La Armonia Hermosa has light floral aroma, sweet chocolate, medium body and notes of spice in the finish.

This picture is from a tasting in Guatemala of our La Armonia Hermosa Coffee. If you will notice the man the on the left is smelling the coffee before he drinks it to get the full aroma "dry aroma" of the coffee.