WEEKLY DEAL: new roaster

VCC is very excited to announce the new roaster we have been talking about so much is now up and running! Paul Maxwell (left) from US roasters came by the roastery on Monday and trained Erin, Melissa (bottom), and John on the new machine. This is perfect time for you to come into the roastery and see it in action. In fact, if you come and do a tour of the new roaster this week you will recieve a FREE 2oz. sample pack of your choice that was probably roasted from that exact roaster. Please bear with us for a couple weeks as we are still experimenting with the roaster's capabilities. But we'd love to have you come and visit! You can call (865.681.0517) or email us at mary@viennacoffeecompany.com if you are interested in a tour!

New roaster is so close we can taste it... er smell it...

We are getting everything set up: smoke stack, gas, electricity, conveyor, etc. There's a lot of work that goes into setting up a new 35 kilo roaster. We are still very excited to have it finally up and running. We are now just putting up the final touches onto the roaster, and by the first of February it will be fully functioning! We'd love to have you come and visit and see the new capabilities. Here are some pictures to tide you over until you see the real deal at the roastery.

How did we get started?

Vienna Coffee Company was created out of self-defense. A native of Eastern Tennessee, I lived in California long enough to get a taste for some of the world's finest coffees. On moving back to Tennessee, I couldn't find any easily-accessible sources locally, so I decided to learn about crafting my own. Because I have an engineering background, the processes, timing and so on, made sense to me.

And Vienna Coffee Company was born!