Coffee Vocab: AROMA

While tasting coffee one of the descriptor words is Aroma. But what exactly is aroma??

The bouquet of coffee plays a large part in perception of flavor; the olfactory nerve registers "dry aroma" through the nose and "wet aroma" through the back of the mouth as you taste.

For example if you were to drink Vienna Coffee Company's Ethiopian Longberry Harrar Horse you might be surprised by the aroma. It smells like you've just cut open a blueberry muffin with fruity, wine-like notes. Also, La Armonia Hermosa has light floral aroma, sweet chocolate, medium body and notes of spice in the finish.

This picture is from a tasting in Guatemala of our La Armonia Hermosa Coffee. If you will notice the man the on the left is smelling the coffee before he drinks it to get the full aroma "dry aroma" of the coffee.