Coffee is the most heavily traded commodity in the world after petroleum.  Yet most coffee growers – Small family farmers – have been left behind by this boom and can barely afford their basic needs.  The availability of high quality coffees that you enjoy and these farmers proudly produce is being threatened, just as these families are threatened with losing their livelihoods. Vienna carries a full line of coffees that help support these farmers, respect our earth, and building community through coffee. Find out more below.

Fair Trade

Each of Vienna Coffee’s Fair Trade certified coffees promote sustainability in three important ways. Modern (since the ‘70s) coffee growing practices have caused soil erosion and severe damage to the environment throughout the coffee growing regions. International certifying agencies confirm that these beans are from producers that embrace traditional, sustainable Certified Organic practices in every step of production. Certification as Fair Trade coffee is verification that the Fair Trade principles described above are followed. Finally, the Shade Grown designation assures that the coffee was grown in the shade of a taller forest canopy, which provides habitat for wildlife such as songbirds.



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Julio and Alberto - La Armonia Hermosa


At Vienna we love working directly with the farmers who grow our delicious coffee. It takes so much effort just to grow and produce a single cup of coffee.  Having a direct relationship with the coffee growers and/or the co-operatives, helps to build transparency with farming practices, quality, community, and better pay for the farmers' hard work.