What is a coffee cupping?

A coffee cupping is like a wine tasting for coffee. You smell, swish and slurp different coffees one at a time. It involves the art of aroma perception in coffee. You will learn the intricate details and differences of coffee flavors as they delight your senses.

You can now signup three different ways:

Join in on the fun and learn all that Vienna coffee has to offer. The cuppings are led by our very own Everett Gunning.

  Why do we do coffee cuppings?

  1. Train our baristas and staff to be able to provided you with as much information about our coffee and help you make a decision of what kind of coffee to try.
  2. The cuppings invite coffee lovers and coffee beginners alike to expand your palates and taste all of the differences that origin, altitude, geography, and processing effects what is in the cup.