Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission: Vienna Coffee Company, LLC arouses a lifetime passion for coffee by helping people to procure, prepare and serve the very best, freshest specialty coffees available and by teaching coffee lovers how to appreciate it.

Our Vision: Vienna Coffee hopes to become the regionally recognized leader in specialty coffee preparation and enjoyment for East Tennessee and the Southeast.  To achieve that vision we must provide the absolute best product available anywhere and actively teach our customers and their patrons how to appreciate the experience.  Consumer education will be a key ingredient in our offering.

Our Values: Vienna Coffee will conduct ourselves and our business with transparency and adherence to the principals embodied in the concept of the Triple Bottom Line.  We will evaluate each undertaking with respect to its potential for sustainability and its impact on People, Planet, and Profit. The people we care about include our customers; our staff, their friends and families; our suppliers, importers and US trade partners; and the hundreds of coffee farming families who cultivate, pick, process and export these fine coffees. We subscribe to the reality that we are called to be good stewards of the Earth.  We believe that environmental degradation and overuse of natural resources is the most important issue of our age.  We will look to constantly improve our resource utilization and “walk more softly” on the planet.  We expect to make a reasonable profit from our efforts such that the business is sustainable and our owners are rewarded for their labors.