Peru - Cafe Femenino, Organic


Peru - Cafe Femenino, Organic


Café Femenino is high-quality, organic coffee that is left unblended to preserve the acidity, body, flavor and aroma that are unique to each Café Femenino coffee variety. The coffee is not blended with any other coffees. This is required in an effort to provide a clear story about the women who actually produce the coffee.

Peru's program actively works to build social and support networks, provide training, and increase incomes through the production and sale of Café Femenino coffee.

The Peruvian Café Femenino coffee can be described as mild - medium body, good acidity, bakers’ cocoa and maple sugar sweet notes, clean and smooth finish.

To further support women locally in our community, a portion of the proceeds of this coffee will go to aid women at Haven House, domestic violence services.

Bag size: 12 oz.

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Elena - member profile of Cafe Femenino at Vienna Coffee Company

Member Profile: Elena Quintos Cornonel

Elena is a member of the Café Femenino Peru Program and according to the Cafe Femenino's Annual Report stated, “In 1982 my father gave me 3 hectares and with this land I became in charge of my own production. Since 2003 I’ve been a part of the coffee organization. With the Café Femenino Program we are more organized now. We are getting more money for our harvest and now all my production is Café Femenino. With Café Femenino, I know I will get a consistent price and I know that I will have control over all that money. For me that is huge.”

To read about all of the great projects that Cafe Femenino the 2014 report download the .pdf here.