Peru, Organic


Peru, Organic


Tasting Notes: chocolaty with a bit of spice on the tail.  Nicely sweet and smooth, round mouth feel.  A very excellent “first cup” in the morning.

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Cultivar: Typica

Elevation: 1000-1700m

Process: Wet processing and sun dried

Harvest Season: April-September



This Certified Fair Trade and Organic coffee comes from a 2500 member co-op living throughout the Northern Andes Mountains. It is made up of six different coffee associations. Part of the co-op is the indigenous Quechua that pre-date the Inca civilizations. Our importer, OPTCO, started working with these producers in 1993-94 with only 185 members.

Through this long term relationship, Fair Trade premiums, and quality improvements, the sale of their coffees has made it  possible to build roads which not only reduce transportation costs for the producers but also allows for teachers, medical care, sanitation programs, etc. to come into these hard to reach small communities.

They host coffee festivals each year and a princess is chosen from each community, and a queen is selected for her knowledge of organic coffee, her ability to articulate that knowledge, and by her costume's connection to the coffee.