Mexican Chiapas, Organic


Mexican Chiapas, Organic


Grown in the high reaches of Chiapas state in southern Mexico. This Fair Trade and Organic coffee has nutty and cocoa flavor notes with a hint of tart blackberry. Full City Roast.

The rural society of production Otilio Montaño is an organization formed by small coffee producers. Their mission is to improve the partners productivity and economy, maintaining nature, culture and mother earth.

This society was created in November of 1992. The organization has 625 coffee producers from different municipalities such as Motozintla, Huixtla, Tuzantan, Escuintla and Amatenango in Chiapas, Mexico.

They have established a well structured control system that give them good yields of coffee even as they keep their organic standards.

•     Cultivated area: 2,028 hectares

Bag size: 12 oz.

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Region: Motozintla, Huixtla, Tuzantan, Escuintla and Amatenango in Chiapas, Mexico
Growing Altitude: 1,300 m
Variety: Various Arabica
Milling Process: Wet processing and sun-dried on patios
Organic Certification Agency: NOP