Guatemala - Cafe Femenino, Organic


Guatemala - Cafe Femenino, Organic


Tasting Notes: Medium bodied with notes of chocolate, toasted almond, and a hint of vanilla

To further support women locally in our community, a portion of the proceeds of this coffee will go to aid women at Haven House, domestic violence services.

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Café Femenino is high-quality, organic coffee that is left unblended to preserve the acidity, body, flavor and aroma that are unique to each Café Femenino coffee variety. The coffee is not blended with any other coffees. This is required in an effort to provide a clear story about the women who actually produce the coffee.

Guatemala's program actively works to build social and support networks, provide training, and increase incomes through the production and sale of Café Femenino coffee.

"Cooperativa Agrícola Cafetalera Nahualá (CAC Nahualá) was founded in 1968 by American priest James Taques alongside local catechist Manuel Chox Guarchaj in the department of Sololá, Guatemala. Together, they were determined to expand the cooperative to other villages within the municipalities of Nahualá and Santa Catarina, in hopes of improving the standard of living for small coffee producers cheated by intermediaries who purchased their product at extremely low prices. CAC Nahualá became Fair Trade Certified TM in 2001."  - From FairTrade USA