Aztec Chocolate


Aztec Chocolate


Try a drink (slightly modified) from the Aztec God's... Aztec Chocolate
(Brazilian coffee infused with Chocolate and cinnamon hazelnut). In the 1200 in Aztec Culture, the Aztecs attributed the creation of the cocoa plant to their god Quetzalcoatl who, descended from heaven on a beam of a morning star carrying a cocoa tree stolen from paradise. In both the Mayan and Aztec cultures cocoa was the basis for a thick, cold, unsweetened drink called xocoatl… believed to be a health elixir. Since sugar was
unknown to the Aztecs, different spices were used to add flavor, even
hot chili peppers and corn meal were used!

Aztecs believed that wisdom and power came from eating the fruit of the cocoa tree, and also that it had nourishing, fortifying, and even aphrodisiac qualities. The Aztec emperor, Montezuma drank thick chocolate dyed red. The drink was so prestigious that it was served in golden goblets that were thrown away after only one use. He liked it so much that he was purported to drink 50 goblets every day! In fact, The cocoa beans were used
for currency. When the Aztecs conquered tribes, they demanded their payment in cocoa!

Therefore, we added a little Vienna Coffee to the mix and came up with Aztec Chocolate flavored coffee. Enjoy!


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