WEEKLY DEAL: Rate my Rosetta

Looking for a way to compare your latte art with other baristas? Check out ratemyrosetta.com.

You can post your art and rate other people's art. It's perfect for those of you interested in perfecting your latte art, or want to see what great designs are out there. The weekly deal this week is based on this art form.

Bring in a photo of a latte that has latte art on the top (this can be an image taken from a cell phone.) and let us know which cafe you were at to get a FREE 2 oz. bag of your favorite VCC coffee.

WEEKLY DEAL: coffee trivia

Here is some interesting trivia to spur your brain...

Fill in the blanks (each black is all the same answer) and get a 2oz bag of Vienna Coffee Company, AND a bag of Harney & Sons Tea of your choice.

Coffee berries start as green berries in early stage of growth, turns yellow, red, then dark crimson when it is finally ripe and yields the best coffee. In fact, according to the rule of "________": Arabica coffee plant takes about "_______" years to mature and produce its first crop. A healthy coffee tree will produce only about "________" pounds of green beans per year, but only about "ONE-________" of a pound meets the rigid sorting standards to be sold as "Specialty Coffee."

This is from cocoajava.com

INTRODUCING: VCC's Seasonal Drink Competition

We want your creative ideas! Starting this summer we are starting a Seasonal Drink Competition. So get your creative hats on and send us your favorite coffee or tea recipe that exudes summer. The more creative and tasty, the better. For example, have you ever heard of blue cheese in an espresso drink? Check out Les Stoneham's espresso drink he used for this year's Barista competition.

The deadline for the competition is August 20th. So send your entries in soon to Jamie or turn in your recipe in at the roastery.

The winner will get 2 12oz bags of Vienna Coffee of your choice!

WEEKLY DEAL: Cities Cupcake Boutique

Cities Cupcake Boutique is now serving Vienna Coffee! As you go and pick up your favorite Knoxville, Chicago, New York... you name, cupcake at Cities Cupcake Boutique grab a mug of our delicious espresso.

Looking for some serious pizazz in a cupcake? This is not your regular, run of the mill cupcake here! I mean seriously... their Memphis cupcake has bacon on top! Intrigued? Check them out! And when you do bring your receipt from your purchase and receive a free 2oz bag of Vienna Coffee when you come into the roastery this week.