Easter Coffee Drink

Looking for a special Coffee Drink for this upcoming Holy Week/Passover that will make your guest's or family's mouth water? This recipe is delicious and easy to make!


This recipe is brought to you by Gitta Verbraak on eHow...

The recipe comes from the Netherlands and we often drink it during the spring time and Easter.

Servings: 4
Difficulty: Easy

Things You'll Need


Step One

Properly brew the coffee (we suggest Vienna Coffee's French Roast or Fair Trade/Organic Sumatra Gayoland). You can make it quite strong, because of the whipped cream you add to it.

Step Two

Whip the cream until it's quite firm. Make sure you don't turn it into butter.

Step Three

Divide the eggnog between the 4 glasses.

Step Four

Pour the coffee gently into the glasses, so that it doesn't mix with the eggnog. Don't put too much coffee into the glasses, because you also have to add the whipped cream and you don't want the glass to flow over.

Step Five

Divide the whipped cream between the 4 glasses and sprinkle it with the cacao or nutmeg.

And Enjoy!

WEEKLY DEAL: Organic Trivia

In light of Vienna Coffee Company becoming a certified USDA organic facility, this week's weekly deal pertains to Organic trivia...

Which of these statements are false...

To obtain a title of ‘certified organic’ in the United States, a coffee grower must prove that certain growing conditions have been met.

  1. The coffee beans can be washed in chemicals to get bacteria off the beans as long as the chemicals are properly disposed of and a clean water rinse is administered afterward.
  2. The farmer must have a crop rotation plan to control for pests, prevent soil erosion, and to prevent loss of soil nutrients, which would occur if the same crop was planted in the same field each year.
  3. The coffee beans must have been grown on land that has not had toxic pesticide or fertilizer use at any time within the last three years.
  4. There must be a large enough space between the organic coffee and the nearest conventional crop to provide a buffer against contamination.
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VCC is now a certified USDA Organic facility

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Certified Organic Coffee is grown by farmers who use no synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Organic agriculture protects the health of people and the planet by reducing the overall exposure to toxic chemicals that can end up in the ground, air, water and food supply. Choosing organic products is an easy way to help protect yourself and your family.

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To learn more about USDA Organic program:

INTRODUCING: Don Telmo Reserva 100% Bourbon

If you have been by the roastery recently you might have noticed our 100% Organic Don Telmo display. In the past couple of months we have just updated Don Telmo's look...

As the story goes, it was God's will that more than a century ago Father Francisco Romero would discover the Mesa de los Santos, (Table of the Saints) a blessed land in the coffee region of Bucaramanga, port of coffee entry to Colombia. Through a holy vision the priest ordered men and women to pay for their sins by planting coffee, and that land began to produce coffee so special that the priest said that it was worthy of being served only at the Table of Saints.

Father Romero is no longer with us, but his coffee of divine flavor remains among us through the direction of Don Telmo. This coffee is cultivated using the same techniques for more than 100 years. These methods protect the environment, because the coffee stays under shade, respecting the habitat of the fauna and applying solely natural fertilizers and pure spring water. The coffee takes place in high altitudes and is manually selected to guarantee the highest quality coffee.


p.s. Bourbon does not pertain to whiskey. It is the type of coffee cultivar. Click here to get more info on the special Bourbon cultivar.