Nashville Coffee Society: Bali Blue Krishna

We just picked up a new organic coffee that we are really excited about. We are thrilled to be able to serve you this rare coffee from Bali, Indonesia called Blue Krishna. It is quite rare for this area to get a Balinese coffee, but we have it, and we want you to try it.

We were asked to provide a lightly roasted coffee to the Nashville Coffee Society's cupping series that is going on this weekend. We, however, will be roasting this coffee darker for our store sales, but we are excited to hear how the cupping goes. The cupping is highlighting Tennessee roasters such as Stone Cup Roasting Co. and us.

Interested in going to a cupping and are in the Maryville area? Sign up for one of our classes.

Espresso 101 class at Brown Cup Coffee Co.

Last Tuesday at Brown Cup Coffee Co., John Clark taught a fun-filled and informational Espresso 101 and espresso based drinks class. Each week Brown Cup has different live music, lectures, events and/or classes like this espresso class. Brown Cup is one of Vienna Coffee Company's exceptional coffee shops that serves our Fair Trade coffee.

The image is an example of one of the handouts given out at the class. Are you interested in hosting your own class or participating in a class about espresso basics, brewing coffee, specialty drinks, latte art, cupping, etc.? Sign up now or get more information about one of our classes.