John in Guatemala

John made his way from Atlanta to Guatemala city this past week in preparation to take an "origin" tour of different beneficios (coffee mills) and fincas around Guatemala with the Roaster's Guild.

Before his official tour John spent the weekend with Les, Jamie and the farmers of Santa Maria de Jesus. These are pictures of John depulping 250 pounds of coffee! Now that's a lot of coffee!

In the first picture Julio, Les and John are picking out the green (unripe) cherries before they go through the depulper. These exact beans were picked by some new farmers who have decided to join the co-op. We are excited to have them because they had some of the best picked coffee we've seen. "Solo rojo."

The second picture is of John actually cranking the depulper. The cherries go from the top and get squished along the copper grate which pushes the beans out of the cherry pulp. This is some tiring work. The stuff coming out at the bottom of the depulper is only the pulp that is later composted back into the soil.

The third picture is the beans coming out of the depulper. There are a few of the cherries left with the beans, but those will be sorted out in the washing process.

More updates from the field coming soon...

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

Continuing in the green movement, Vienna Coffee Company uses Recycling Bins. Since the beginning, VCC has recycled all of its corrugated cardboard waste. We also compost all the chaff and scrap coffee (please contact us if you need some nitrogen building coffee grinds for your compost.)

Also our employees use ceramic mugs instead of disposable cups when we enjoy our morning lattes or coffees. (Perks of working at VCC... free coffee!) 

In fact, VCC helped New Providence Presbyterian Church serve Vienna Coffee and Harney & Sons tea (another product VCC sells) in ceramic mugs instead of disposable cups after their morning services and tuesday night's Welcome Table. 

The more we can reduce the amount of waste going into landfills the better! And what better way to make you feel at home at NPPC then reusing a custom made mug every week! If you want to know more about recycling in Blount County check out their site...
Keep Blount Beautiful