Coffee as Wedding Favors

Guess who just got married and had delicious Vienna Coffee Company coffee as give-a-ways for their guests? I did! Jamie Clark now Jamie Stoneham.

On September 17th, I got married to Les Stoneham at Gorman Heritage Farm complete with a full service espresso bar, home-brewed beer, and most of the food from the farm (where I work full time). It was such a beautiful day, and it was so great seeing all my friends and family gather around us and share with us this special day.

My mom, Sue Clark, made these great table runners out of the burlap sacs from Vienna Coffee Company. They were such a great touch especially since coffee is so important to both my family and Les. So many people helped out with making the wedding just so special!!

Did you know that Vienna Coffee Company does wedding favors? Well they do and it was a huge success!  Call the roastery if you are interested. 513.560.3986

SCAA's Annual Exposition and the National Barista Competition

Specialty Coffee Association of America is having their

in Houston, Tx this weekend paired with the

This is a big weekend in the specialty coffee world, and our coffee sourcer of our La Armonia Hermosa coffee, Les Stoneham, is taking a front seat. He's been able to listen to some of the most forward thinking people in coffee, and sit down and have a delicious dinner with them. We hope that he has a lot of fun and learns a lot!

La Armonia Hermosa - Origin Trip

Jamie Clark and Les Stoneham along with other interested people in Ohio, Indiana, and Mississippi are going down to Santa Maria de Jesus, Guatemala again to continue their work with the farmers that bring us the wonderful La Amonia Hermosa coffee. Les Stoneham, founder of Deeper Roots Development and Vienna Coffee House's barista trainer, has been working with these farmers for the past five years, and just this October the now 20 farmers have developed their own government-recognized co-operative. We are very proud of their hard-work and coordination to make this happen.

We are very excited to be able to go back to down to Guatemala, help with the harvest, continue the conversation and planning of the beneficio (coffee-processing plant), and visit with the farmers. If you would like to receive updates from the field or want to know more about the story behind the delicious coffee please follow us at

Espresso and Latte Art Class

On June 26, 2010, Vienna Coffee Company hosted an Espresso and Latte Art class at their roastery. With people from all around east Tennessee area attending, instructor Les Stoneham started the class talking about coffee from farm to cup. With beautiful pictures from his travels to the coffee growing regions, he helpped the students understand how much work and love goes into each and every bean. He also explained how important it is as a barista to create the perfect shot to allow all that hard to show through.

To further explain this point, the second half of the class was hands on where each student could create latte for themselves. He made sure that each student knew what to do and why it's important to do each step.

This is a picture of one of the lattes he poured as demonstration. To close out the class, student were invited to partake in yummy sipping chocolate and a plethera for munchies.

If you are interested in going to our next class. Make sure to sign up for our newsletters, check our facebook, or check back here for more details.