WEEKLY DEAL: coffee trivia

Here is some interesting trivia to spur your brain...

Fill in the blanks (each black is all the same answer) and get a 2oz bag of Vienna Coffee Company, AND a bag of Harney & Sons Tea of your choice.

Coffee berries start as green berries in early stage of growth, turns yellow, red, then dark crimson when it is finally ripe and yields the best coffee. In fact, according to the rule of "________": Arabica coffee plant takes about "_______" years to mature and produce its first crop. A healthy coffee tree will produce only about "________" pounds of green beans per year, but only about "ONE-________" of a pound meets the rigid sorting standards to be sold as "Specialty Coffee."

This is from cocoajava.com

WEEKLY DEAL: Organic Trivia

In light of Vienna Coffee Company becoming a certified USDA organic facility, this week's weekly deal pertains to Organic trivia...

Which of these statements are false...

To obtain a title of ‘certified organic’ in the United States, a coffee grower must prove that certain growing conditions have been met.

  1. The coffee beans can be washed in chemicals to get bacteria off the beans as long as the chemicals are properly disposed of and a clean water rinse is administered afterward.
  2. The farmer must have a crop rotation plan to control for pests, prevent soil erosion, and to prevent loss of soil nutrients, which would occur if the same crop was planted in the same field each year.
  3. The coffee beans must have been grown on land that has not had toxic pesticide or fertilizer use at any time within the last three years.
  4. There must be a large enough space between the organic coffee and the nearest conventional crop to provide a buffer against contamination.
If you answer this questions correctly to any employee at the roastery or on this blog you will receive a free 2oz sample of any of our Organic/Fair Trade coffees.