Guatemala Antigua - Los Volcanes


Guatemala Antigua - Los Volcanes


This coffee features a medium body with a light aftertaste, and has a classic crisp taste with hints of sweet orange spice, and a syrupy finish. It is roasted at a City Roast (light-medium).

"The Los Volcanes brand represents the world renowned Antigua coffee region and has been a standard in the industry since 1952. This coffee is grown by some of the top farms and small producers in the Antigua region including the area of Ciudad Vieja and the volcanic valley. The soil in this region is rich in minerals, nutrients and sediments which are ideal for growing unique and outstanding coffee. The milling and drying processes are strictly and carefully executed, yielding consistent quality year from year to year." (information provided by Royal Coffee New York, Inc.)

Bag size: 12 oz.

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More Info:

Location: Antiqua, Guatemala
Altitude: Approximately 4,921 feet (1,500 m)
Varietal: Bourbon, Typica
Process: Fully washed
Drying: Sun dried
Harvest: January - March
Export: March - August

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